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Location tracking UWB technology wins award


Cambridge, UK — A sense-driven computing platform has won the East of England Spirit of Ingenuity Award. Ubisense beat eight short-listed contenders to win the award which is designed to honour companies and enterprises that have used innovative thinking that makes a difference in the way we work and the quality of our lives.

Created by engineers at the company's Cambridge development centre, Ubisense is the first commercial sense-driven computing platform using ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. The platform tracks people and resources within indoor environments using business card-sized tags, known as Ubitags.

The platform monitors and manages everything inside a building in real-time, in three dimensions, performing at 6inch accuracy.

David Marlow, EEDA chief executive, said, “With entries from companies involved in lightweight satellites and underwater sports cars, pioneering technology was certainly in abundance for this award. However we felt Ubisense had the best mix of technology that pushed back the frontiers and held immediate and long-term commercial potential.”

Jay Cadman, Ubisense vice-president, sales and marketing, said, “We believe that location-based computer platforms are one of the IT niches with the potential to grow exponentially. Spatial solutions and computers that 'sense' and manage the location of people, products, supply chains, equipment and facilities represent thousands of potential new applications.”

Warren Ferguson, chief executive officer of Ubisense, added, “This new platform in human-centric computing is now ready for deployment. Ubisense products will be demonstrated at several sites over the next few months, including the University of Illinois' new Siebel Centre, which will become the world's most advanced 'sentient building' with its Grand Opening next month.”

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