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Logic protocol analyzer enhanced for PCIe

Additional software capabilities for the Tektronix TLA7SA08 and TLA7SA16 Logic Protocol Analyzer Modules provide support for PCI Express (PCIe) 3.0. The additions include a Bird’s Eye View (BEV) to help engineers visualize and investigate difficult flow control problems along with one-click calibration and auto configuration.

Traditionally protocol tools were only able to provide views of decoded packet data.  The Transaction Window, a single window on the Tektronix Logic Protocol Analyzer, provides views of protocol behavior at the packet and transaction level interspersed with physical layer activity.

BEV has been developed by  Tektronix and is integrated into the transaction window and provides a high level view of the entire acquisition. When a potential problem is seen in the BEV window, the user can navigate to the suspect data using the BEV  and immediately identify and isolate the underlying events that are causing the problem by viewing the corresponding data in the transaction window.
One-click calibration combines the Logic Protocol Analyzer’s acquisition hardware and trigger capabilities to test hundreds or even thousands of possible instrument settings to automatically determine the optimal set-up that allows the instrument to acquire data without bit errors.
PCIe Personalization reduce set-up times and speeds the start of debugging.  The software automatically detects a TLA7SAxx module and brings up the PCI Express Protocol Analyzer setup screen and starts an auto-configuration process.  Once complete, users can begin acquiring data and viewing information in the listing and transaction windows that were automatically opened during the acquisition.  

Auto-configuration automatically configures the operating parameters of the Logic Protocol Analyzer such as link speed, lane ordering and lane polarity based on the PCIe link characteristics. The setup window in combination with the calibration details table provide key indicators about the operating conditions of the system under test in near real time, viewable in a single screen even before an acquisition is taken.
TLA7SAxx includes 8- or 16- channel Logic Protocol Analyzer modules, bus support software, slot interposers, midbus probes and solder-down probes, providing atime-correlated view of system behavior, starting with protocol analysis and working down to the physical layer to debug the root cause of elusive problems.

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