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Logic Technology: the ‘Swiss Knife’ for testing PCBA’s


By introducing the J-Testr+GTI, Eiger Design adds more functionality to its compact J-Testr Functional Test Platform. The prototype Exchangeable Unit allows testing of prototypes without customization, this ensures engineers can validate their design on arrival of a prototype from manufacturing without any delay.

When prototypes and first series are validated, the J-Testr+GTI can easily migrate into a fully functional tester for production by using the Exchangeable ‘Bed of Nails’ Units. This unique approach removes any delay in production, due to fixture availability or design times, by several weeks, sometimes even months.

The core of this solution is J-Testr+, a desktop format functional circuit test system. J-Testr+ houses power supplies and a choice of digital measurement cards, by adding RF, oscilloscope and LED analyser options it becomes a real ‘Swiss Knife’ for functional testing of PCBA's. The J-Safe UUT protection circuit guarantees faulty UUT's survive Power on, saving costs by protecting FPGA and expensive devices from potential over current /over Voltage. A register-based software interface allows automated test control using popular programming languages like Python or creating test sequences using LabVIEW or TestStand. Network and JTAG control are standard features of J-Testr+.

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