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Logic Techology: Insyde speeds AMD embedded platform development


Insyde Software announced that its BlinkBoot UEFI Boot Loader is now optimized for designs using AMD’s embedded platforms. Capable of delivering boot times in the sub-1 second range, BlinkBoot is a fast, scalable and secure boot firmware solution designed for AMD embedded device makers that do not require a full BIOS or those who do not have full BIOS engineering resources on staff. With its comprehensive toolset, thorough documentation and standards-based foundation BlinkBoot allows board designers to quickly develop their boot firmware in-house, thereby saving both time and money.

Compared to other boot loaders, BlinkBoot’s UEFI foundation gives it inherent advantages such as UEFI being a mature, well-understood, and flexible standard supported by nearly every modern operating system and chip vendor. This also includes security benefits through UEFI’s proven security infrastructure.  BlinkBoot can secure the flash device and provide flexible authentication of OS loaders, pre-OS applications and flash update contents.

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