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LogicaCMG puts test on the menu


LONDON — LogicaCMG has launched a global strategic and managed testing business with the aim of helping companies reduce product and software testing costs by up to 30 per cent.

The aim is to help organisations to implement the most effective testing strategy in large scale lifecycle and end-user testing projects based on a global testing network combined with LogicaCMG’s global service delivery model.

The global testing initiative headed up by Anton Martens and brings together more than 30 years of experience by LogicaCMG in application development and testing with more than 1500 career testers and test factories in India, Morocco and the Czech Republic.

“Today, the pressure on testing is intense because systems are increasingly complex and interlinked, and errors have never been as visible. Failure is not an option. Yet organisations find it hard to test successfully and cost effectively. LogicaCMG can handle booking procedures, configuration and upgrades,” said Martens.

“We can take responsibility for the processes, the people who operate them, and the tools they use to do it. We make sure that the environment is always representative and ready when needed, avoiding delays and cost escalation. If organisations have no facilities, we can establish a new test environment but if they do, we can operate and develop the facilities to meet individual requirements.”

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