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LogicStudio updated to link with Tektronix and Agilent oscilloscopes


The latest version of the LogicStudio logic analyzer software from LeCroy Corp. provides support for not only the LeCroy WaveJet oscilloscope but also several popular oscilloscopes from Tektronix and Agilent.

LogicStudio 16 enables users of a range of oscilloscopes from 40 MHz up to 1 GHz turn their PCs into mixed signal oscilloscopes.

The 16 digital channels, 1 GS/s sample rate, 3.75ns glitch capture, and serial protocol analysis (I2C, SPI, UART) of LogicStudio can now combine with the analog channels from a range of oscilloscopes, including the LeCroy WaveJet, six Tektronix product lines, or three Agilent product lines.

Like most logic analyzers, LogicStudio can capture and display digital and serial signals. It also provides a communication link to the oscilloscopes turning the PC into a true mixed signal debug environment.

The communication from the LogicStudio software to the oscilloscope will allow for configuring the trigger and transferring data, presenting all the digital, serial and analog data in a single display. Analog waveforms from the oscilloscope are displayed alongside digital and serial signals from the digital channel enabling quick and easy mixed signal measurements.

Tools for digital debug include timing cursors, zooming and panning of waveforms, a persistence display and a history mode which can replay old data captures. Additionally, protocol analysis for I2C, SPI and UART is included to decode waveforms as they are captured and provide the ability to trigger on specific address or data packets on the bus.

The trigger can be operated in auto, normal or single modes just like a modern oscilloscope.  LogicStudio provides free running acquisitions with no delays due to data being transferred to the PC. There are simple edge or logic state triggers but the advanced triggering provides an open environment to build elaborate trigger conditions, logic combinations and qualifiers to capture a wide range of events.

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