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LogMeIn launches Xively Internet of Things cloud service

LogMeIn, Inc. has just launched its Xively Cloud Services what it claims is the first public cloud platform purpose-built for developing and managing commercial products on the Internet of Things.

According to Michael Simon, CEO of LogMeIn, the new offering — formerly known as Cosm in its beta form — is designed to help companies simplify the development of a new generation of connected products that can be quickly deployed on the IoT, easily interact with other connected offerings, and effortlessly scale to billions of devices.

The Xively launch coincides with the announcement that LogMeIn and ARM are collaborating to spur creation of commercial IoT products with the Xively Jumpstart Kit.

It combines ARM mbed, a platform for rapidly building connected devices using ARM-based microcontrollers, with Xively’s cloud platform, making the IoT a practical reality for anyone wanting to build Internet-connected devices and associated cloud-based applications, from small entrepreneurs to established Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

With ARM mbed for product development, combined with Xively Cloud Services, developers and businesses can focus on their own innovations rather than on infrastructure and platforms. This results in accelerated time-to-market, as developers can rapidly progress from prototyping to volume deployment.

“The Internet of Things signifies the next major wave of the Internet, one that we believe could even eclipse both the web and mobile waves combined, and presents a massive opportunity for businesses that want to create a new generation of compelling connected products,” Simon.

“In order to make this happen, they need a simple, affordable way to experiment and innovate through a platform that will enable them to seamlessly move from prototype to commercial product, and then scale as demand grows.”

The IoT market, which is predicted to generate between $1.2 trillion1 and $14.4 trillion2 in revenue and represent over one trillion connected objects by 20203, has captured the imagination of businesses and consumers around the world.

A commercial IoT platform-as-a-service (PaaS), Xively is based on — and extends the capabilities of — LogMeIn's Gravity Cloud platform, the secure, highly scalable cloud environment that underpins its SaaS offerings, and connects hundreds of millions of devices and supports tens of millions of users in 240 countries.

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