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Lon groups to increase cooperation


BERLIN, Germany — The LonMark board of directors and the chairmen of the European LonUsers Groups have agreed to jointly study the development of a new structure for the LonMark Interoperability Association. The groups say they recognize the considerable growth of open systems and the need to combine the strengths of the organizations at the global and local level.

Barry Haaser, executive director of the LonMark Interoperability Association, said, “This initiative combines the local and regional strengths of all the LonUsers groups with the Association's global outlook and market reach to achieve better coordination, improved local involvement and a higher level of cooperation with the LonMark Association.”

Joint task groups have been formed that consist of members of the LonMark board members and the chairmen of the individual LonUsers Groups to define a new, common structure for increased cooperation and local market development.

The groups will report the results of their efforts at the next LonMark meeting in October at the LonWorld Exhibition in Munich, Germany.

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