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LonMark Association to meet in Milan


The LonMark Interoperability Association is to hold its Spring General Meeting in Milan, Italy, on May 15-16, 2003. It will feature exhibits and programmes for the LonWorks community in an environment aimed at creating dialogue and opportunity for the companies using and interested in interoperable products.

The exhibits and sessions, under the banner “Interoperability Works,” will provide a forum for crosspollination, networking, and business opportunity as well as educating the public to the benefits of LonMark-certified products.

On the first morning the Association will stage a general session with task group meetings focused on discussion and development of the variety of functional profiles. These working meetings bring together all levels of the LonWorks community to work together to develop the guidelines for interoperable devices.

Scheduled for the evening is an opportunity for LonMark members and LonUser groups to showcase their latest solutions at a cocktail reception. The reception will feature product displays from a number of LonMark members, as well from the dozen international LonUser Groups. The same exhibits will be on display during the events of the following day.

The second day is designed as an opportunity for the international LonWorks community to come together in a collaborative environment to work together with the LonMark Association to define and develop the market for interoperable devices. The morning session will be made up of exhibits of interoperable products and application stories.

The afternoon will offer a variety of conference tracks including “Making the LonMark Association work for you,” a discussion group to allow the Association, LonMark Membership, and LonUser Groups to discuss membership, ideas for growth, and possibilities for change.

Also scheduled are the “Interoperability at Work Panel” and the “Interoperability at Work Tour.” The panel discussion will be made up of representatives involved in the implementation of a local installation and the tour will take visitors on a site visit of another local LonWorks application.

For more info, go to: www.lonmark.org

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