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Loopback test tool upgraded


A SD Loopback Test Tool has been added to Elan Digital’s SD Test Tools Family providing a means to de-bug or otherwise analyze the performance of SD/SDIO-based systems.

SDLBT5 allows users to set up customized SD/SDIO commands/responses via a USB memory stick.
The latest version offers upgraded firmware supporting:

  • Improved CIS handling – CIS bytes can now be accessed in random order at any time.
  • SD/SDIO high-speed full support – In memory mode switching to high speed is done via CMD6 resulting changes to function registers. In SDIO mode switching to high speed is done via CMD52 write to the appropriate CCCR register.
  • Improved handling of CMD52 RAW mode – Read-After-Write is now fully supported with CMD52.
  • Improved CMD53 byte/block mode – CMD53 data transfers in both byte mode and block mode are fully supported for any packet size.

The SDLBT5 may also be used as an SD/SDIO device emulator.

More details on the SDLBT5 are available at www.elandigitalsystems.com/sd/SDLBT5.php

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