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Low-cost NVIDIA computer runs AI workloads

Makers and technology enthusiasts as well as developers can buy a $99 AI computer from NVIDIA, packing 472 GFLOPS of compute performance for running AI workloads while consuming as little as 5 W. Unveiled this week at the GPU Technology Conference , the Jetson Nano AI computer is available in two versions: the $99 dev kit for developers, makers, and enthusiasts and the $129 production-ready module to create mass-market edge systems.

It may be small, but the CUDA-X AI computer delivers a bunch of features. The Jetson Nano supports high-resolution sensors and many of the popular AI frameworks. It can process many sensors in parallel and can run multiple modern neural networks on each sensor stream, said NVIDIA. The kit comes with support for full-desktop Linux, compatibility with many popular peripherals and accessories, and ready-to-use projects and tutorials.

“The power of AI is largely out of reach for the maker community and in education because typical technologies do not pack enough computing power and lack an AI software platform,” said NVIDIA. “At $99, the Jetson Nano Developer Kit brings the power of modern AI to a low-cost platform, enabling a new wave of innovation from makers, inventors, developers, and students. They can build AI projects that weren’t previously possible and take existing projects to the next level — mobile robots and drones, digital assistants, automated appliances, and more.”

Designed to help reduce development time and speed up time to market, the Jetson Nano module comes complete with power management, clocking, memory, and fully accessible inputs/outputs. Companies can update performance and capabilities even after the system has been deployed because the AI workloads are software-defined.

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