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Low cost voice recognition module for basic machine control


PARIS — The 24x45mm VRbot announced by Tigal is a low cost voice recognition module designed to easily add versatile voice command functionality to robots and many additional applications where voice command control is desired.

The VRbot module provides users with 26 built-in speaker independent commands that allow basic control of robot movement straight out-of-the-box.

The module has been designed to fit inside the chest cover of Robonova-I and Robozak robots and is ready to run immediately after installation. Users also have the possibility to customize up to 32 user-defined speaker dependent triggers or commands and assign these to specific movement sequences of the robot using included Windows based GUI software.

An additional RoboBASIC template is provided to easily customize the robot’s reaction to different speaker dependent voice commands.

The VRbot module can also be used to efficiently implement Voice Recognition capabilities on a vast range of other host platforms that have an UART at TTL level or are capable of emulating one through Bit Banging, such as Arduino Boards, PIC, Atmega, ARM etc.

The module is fully self-contained and interacts with any host through a simple, yet robust serial protocol that allows the addition of voice recognition capabilities to many applications beyond robot control.

All protocol specifications are provided to assist in interfacing with the module from any host platform.The VRbot measures ships together with a power cable, a data cable and a microphone.

Current demo videos and provided sample code include VRbot used with Robonova, a POPbot, Arduino USB Board and Mikroelektronika’s EasyPIC5 development board.

All software tools, documentation and demo videos are available online as a free download at www.veear.eu.

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