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Low-frequency quartz crystal boasts small size


According to its manufacturer, the CX3225SB miniature low-frequency quartz crystal unit is the smallest crystal unit that oscillates in the 4-MHz frequency range. At 1/27 the size of conventional units (3.2 by 2.5 b y 0.55 mm), the CX3225SB provides stable frequency sources for applications that require compact size and power savings, such as portable DVDs, hand-held game-players, PDAs, and cellular handsets.

Divided higher frequencies, such as 16 MHz, obtain the 4-MHz frequency. If small crystal units oscillate at 4 MHz directly, the dividing process can be omitted. Based on this, the CX3225SB reduces the power consumption of the overall device by about 30%. Moreover, the CX3225SB complies with the RoHS directive (the European Union's Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substances) and is compatible with the reflow profile of lead-free soldering.

Samples of the CX3225SB will ship in November. Mass production is scheduled to commence in April 2006. For more details, visit global.kyocera.com/prdct/electro/index_products.html.

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