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Low-power Bluetooth PA increases range by 40%

Transmission range for Bluetooth devices can be increased thanks to the SST12LP00 high-gain, high-efficiency InGaP/GaAs power amplifier (PA) with high linear output power. Developed by SST Communications, a subsidiary of SST, the device also boasts a lower power consumption compared to competitive products. Targeting Bluetooth Class 1 applications like wireless USB dongle and long-range pico-nets, the PA increases transmission range by 40% while consuming less than 100 mA. The result is that designers can extend the reach of their products up to 140 m.

The SST12LP00 features a minimum 29 dB gain across 2.4 to 2.5 GHz and linear output power up to 21 dBm at 3.3-V operation. Other key features include a quiescent current below 15 mA when there's no input power, an on-chip shutdown controlled directly by a logic signal from the baseband MAC, and a minimum of required external components (two capacitors for I/O and three capacitors for supply voltage regulation). The part comes in a 6-pin VQFN package, and sells for $0.35 in 10,000-unit quantities. More information can be found at www.sst.com/products.xhtml/communications_ics/power_amp/2.4GHz/SST12LP00.

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