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Low power dual and quad core OCTEON III SoC processors


Cavium, Inc. has announced two new families of 28nm dual and quad core OCTEON III MIPS64 multicore processors. The company claims these low-power processor families are the world’s first to include up to 4 MIPS64 cores with full hardware virtualization, deep packet inspection (DPI), packet processing, Security, and QOS capabilities in a highly integrated System on a Chip.

The new CN70xx and CN71xx families are available in a small foot print plastic LBGA package and are targeted for low power and low cost applications. The CN70XX and CN71XX are entry level members of the OCTEON III family.  

The new SoC's support full hardware virtualization, allowing applications to be 'firewalled' from each other, legacy and newer operating systems to run concurrently, and also enables live in-service upgrades. Connectivity options includes GbE, 10GbE XAUI, SATA 3.0, USB 3.0 and PCIe controllers. The families incorporate a whole range of sophisticated power management techniques including Power Optimizer to reduce active power and support for Hibernate, Standby and Idle modes of operations that help slash overall power consumption.
General availability in Q3 2013. More information

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