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Low-power FPGAs are available in production quantities

QuickLogic now has the first two members of its low-power FPGA family, the QL1P075 and the QL1P100, in volume production. Quiescent, or standby current is a critical factor determining battery life in portable and handheld consumer electronics. Architected specifically to address this factor, the very low-power (VLP) mode integrated into these PolarPro devices exhibit quiescent current nearly half that of the closest “zero power” CPLD, 98% less than the closest Flash-based FPGA, and 99% less than the closest SRAM-based FPGA.

The PolarPro family is supported in QuickWorks version 9.8, available for download at www.quicklogic.com/software_download. Samples of the third family member, the QL1P300, are now available, with production expected later in 2006. For additional information, visit www.quicklogic.com.

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