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Low-power sensor hub makes sensor fusion easy


The SSC7102 from Microchip Technology Inc. is a low-power, flexible and turnkey sensor hub that makes implementing sensor fusion easy and provides an extremely large selection of supported sensors.  Microchip directly partnered with sensor manufacturers and sensor-fusion specialists to create this solution, enabling faster time to market without the need for sensor-fusion expertise.  The SSC7102 consumes ~4 mA while running complex sensor-fusion algorithms, resulting in longer battery life for Windows 8.1 tablets, laptops, ultrabooks, and smart phones.

Microchip’s low-power SSC7102 sensor hub is designed to run sensor-fusion algorithms to handle data from multiple sensors, such as motion (accelerometers, magnetometers, gyroscopes) and environmental (light, temperature, humidity, pressure) to provide complex information about the environment and activities.


  • Windows 8/8.1 certification (HID over I2C)
  • Easy to implement complete turnkey sensor fusion solution
  • ARM M4 processor operating at 48MHz
  • Low power ~4mA in active mode
  • System in deep sleep consumes 0.26mA
  • Self-Calibration
  • Sensor power management
  • Small BGA package
  • Sensor agnostic

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