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Low-power VDSL2 chip sets enable fanless equipment

Ikanos Communications introduced the Fx100100-4-EX and Fx100100S-4-EX chip sets for Optical Network Unit (ONU) and Subscriber Located Equipment (SLE), respectively. The chip sets deliver high performance and density along with low power, as they are designed to deliver VDSL2 and VDSL services in multi-tenant and multi-dwelling unit applications and to enable carriers to extend the reach of symmetric 100-Mbit/s services up to 80%. Ikanos expects that carriers will be able to increase revenues by delivering interactive services, including HDTV, videoconferencing, and interactive gaming to more customers without increasing equipment cost.

By eliminating the need for a cooling fan, the Fx100100-4-EX enables lower cost MxU equipment quiet enough to be deployed inside smaller apartment buildings lacking a separate room for communications equipment. As a result, Ikanos expects that the carriers' available market will expand to include smaller buildings as well as the larger multi-tenant units which have been the majority of MxU deployments to date.

The Fx100100-4-EX for ONU equipment consists of an 8-port BME (DSP engine), a 4-port analog front-end and a 1-port integrated front-end (IFE). The Fx100100S-4-EX consists of a single-port BME and a single-port IFE, which integrates a digital-to-analog converter, analog-to-digital converter, line driver, low-noise amplifier, and filters.

Both chipsets include the iPOS (Ikanos programmable operating system), which consists of firmware, APIs, and reference host software to configure programmable features on the chip sets. More information is available at www.ikanos.com.

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