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Low-voltage 4-I/O MXSMIO serial flash memory operates at up to 104MHz per I/O

CAMBRIDGE, UK — Macronix released the MX25U series, a 1.8V four-I/O MXSMIO (serial multi I/O) serial flash memory operating at speeds up to 104MHz for each I/O in 4-I/O mode.

The 8Mb to 64Mb MX25U family enables applications not only to shadow code to cache as SnD (store and download) with the performance exceeding the parallel flash memory, but also supports execute-in-place (XIP) capability with enhanced quad peripheral interface mode to execute the code directly from the Flash memory.

With the advantage of high performance serial flash, users may enjoy the lower pin count and PCB saving together with the better throughput compared with parallel flash memory.

The low driving voltage and leading performance MX25U Series is suitable for mobile phones, DECT phones, Bluetooth, GPS and other portable devices and as well as power consumption concerned embedded applications.

Data throughput runs up to 416Mbps. The device also provides the 8/16/32/64-byte length wrap-around mode that enables users to execute directly from the flash memory without cache buffers.

In addition to the high read performance, the MX25U product series also supports write suspend/ resume feature to facilitate the usage in mobile applications.

It is fabricated using Macronix's new 1.8V floating gate technology, providing low power consumption, and 100K endurance cycles. All MX25U series quad peripheral interface devices are available in industrial temperature range and offered in an 8-contact WSON (6x5mm) or 8-lead SOP (200 mil) package.

Samples of the 32Mb 1.8V MXSMIO serial flash are available now and mass production will begin in the first quarter of 2010. The 64Mb sample will also be available in January and 16Mb/8Mb densities will be available in March.

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