LRDA tool set augments unit testing -

LRDA tool set augments unit testing


The LDRA tool set provides verification support across the software development lifecycle for safety- and security-critical system designs. It provides such functions as requirements tracing, management of compliance to coding standards, automated unit and system level test, code coverage analysis, and automated packaging of certification and approval evidence. It is capable of handling many different standards, such as DO-178C, IEC61508, IEC 62304, and ISO 26262. With the new release, users also have the ability to add custom attributes and types to tune the tools to specific project requirements for information and records keeping.

With version 9.5, LDRA improved the tool suite's Linux support. Users can now automatically conduct complete Linux dependency checks despite the many variants among Linux and their corresponding libraries. The new version has also enhanced the tool's ability to perform unit testing. Enhanced file and class views provide additional visibility into coverage analysis.

The expanded Uniview tool helps clarify traceability relationships. Uniview is now able to show relationships from initial requirements through software code to verification tasks and test cases. This gives developers a quick way to assess the software's status and determine what additional testing is still needed.

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