LSI ARM comm processors offer power-wise base stations -

LSI ARM comm processors offer power-wise base stations

Just in time for the Mobile Congress this month, LSI Corporation has taken the wraps off Axxia 5500, a family of ARM multicore-based communication processors targeted specifically at multi-radio base stations and 4G/LTE-capable wireless networks.

It is the company’s first communications processor to combine 16 ARM cores with LSI’s specialized networking accelerators to optimize performance and power efficiency, necessary in the design of not only base stations but cell site routers, gateways and mobile backhaul equipment.

According to Jim Anderson, senior vice president and general manager, Networking Solutions Group, LSI, the increased power efficiency allows deployment of high-performance macro and small cell base stations in a way that lowers capital expenditure costs.

He said system design costs are reduced due to the integration of network acceleration functions including up to 50Gb/s packet processing, 20Gb/s security processing and 160Gbps of Ethernet switching via 16 10Gb Ethernet interfaces

“Mobile broadband growth is outpacing infrastructure capability, and service providers need solutions that will meet traffic performance needs while also minimizing cost and power consumption,” he said.

In addition to being the first implementation of a 16 ARM Cortex-A15 core SoC using ARM’s CoreLink CCN-504 low-latency interconnect in 28nm process technology, he said, the family will include a range of communication processors with different core counts and throughput capabilities. Also incorporated into the design are specialized acceleration engines and the company’s Virtual Pipeline interconnect technology.

In addition to LSI’s comprehensive tool suite and production-quality wireless application enablement software, the company is also offering high-performance layer two through four software packages for implementing a wireless transport design, eliminating the need to invest in data plane software development.

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