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LXI Consortium issues Rev 1.1 of the standard


Denver, Colo.—The LXI Consortium announces approval and release of Revision 1.1 of the LXI Standard . LXI (L AN eX tensions for I nstrumentation) is the local area network-based successor to IEEE-488/GPIB (General Purpose Interface Bus). LXI provides additional capabilities to GPIB that simplify system creation.

In addition to clarification of language, the standard now includes a section on the use of non-LXI devices within LXI-based systems. Section 15, Hybrid Systems , is deemed a significant addition to the LXI Standard because it makes life easier for system integrators.

“The consortium recognizes that real-world systems often include many types of instruments, such as GPIB, PXI, VXI , and now LXI, and this will remain true, even as the number of LXI-compliant instruments grows,” notes LXI Consortium president Bob Rennard.

Section 15

Section 15 describes interface bridges, adapters, and adapter toolkits that let you use non-LXI devices within systems that use both Ethernet and LXI devices. Examples include LAN-to-VXI and LAN-to-PXI bridges, supplied by companies such as VXI Tech and Pickering .

These interfaces can provide transparent connections between a LAN port in a PC and VXI-based or PXI-based test equipment. Bridges, adapters and adapter toolkits that pass conformance testing are eligible to carry the LXI logo.

Want the full text of the updated specification? It's available on the Web as a free download.

CD Too

The updated spec is also available on an informational CD produced by the LXI Consortium. Materials on the disc also include the LXI Trigger Bus Specification , an LXI capabilities brochure, an LXI fact sheet, an LXI backgrounder presentation, and application notes.

The app notes describe aircraft structural testing and satellite testing.

Copies of the CD can be requested by sending an e-mail to . For other details contact Bob Helsel at the LXI Consortium. Phone: 303-652-2571. Fax: 303-652-1444. E-mail: bhelsel@lxistandard.org

LXI Consortium , 303-652-2571, www.lxistandard.org

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