LynuxWorks adds channel in Eastern Europe -

LynuxWorks adds channel in Eastern Europe


Europe — RTSoft Inc, a provider of software and support solutions for the embedded systems market, will distribute LynuxWorks products in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other CIS states.

It plans to sell, support and provide both engineering and training services for all LynuxWorks products including the LynxOS RTOS, BlueCat Linux and BlueCat RT, the open-source Linux distributions, and the new LynxOS-178 package, a level A certifiable (FAA standard), RTOS that meets the stringent standards for safety-critical systems.

Gerry Winckler, managing director of LynuxWorks Europe, said “We are confident that RTSoft will capitalise on their extensive experience and knowledge of the embedded space to deliver superior service to our valued customers in the CIS region.”

RTSoft was set up in 1992 and its services include development of custom firmware, device drivers, network protocols, and board support packages (BSPs), as well as OS porting, application programming and technical support. The company employs over 200 people worldwide.

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