LynuxWorks and ARM power down -

LynuxWorks and ARM power down


LynuxWorks' BlueCat 4.0 Linux and VisualLynux Integrated Development Environment (IDE) will be packaged with the new ARM920T core-based Integrator Porting Platform. Providing a complete, out-of-the-box embedded Linux solution,the development platform gives immediate access to a ported and tested Linux environment with ARM9 core processor and Thumb family support.

ARM will sell the Integrator Porting Platform bundled with BlueCat and with six months of technical support. A member of the ARM DevZone programme, LynuxWorks will work with ARM to develop software optimised for the ARM technology.

Gordon Stubberfield, integrator product manager at ARM, said “Bundling BlueCat and its complementary VisualLynux IDE with our ARM9 processor family gives the developer community a complete platform to quickly get their products to market while saving critical development costs along the way.”

“LynuxWorks continues to make a commitment to better serve our customers,our partners' customers and the industry at large,” said Greg Rose, director of product management for LynuxWorks. “The strategic partnership we have with ARM reinforces this commitment. Our collaboration on the packaging of the new ARM9 core-based Integrator for Linux solutions board bundle provides a robust embedded Linux platform solution to our customers that saves time and costs realised throughout the entire design cycle.”

The Integrator family, part of the ARM RealView suite of development tools, leverages ARM's experience in test chip technology to provide a range of flexible, high-performance development platforms that meet the needs of today's system-on-chip developers. The Integrator/LPP1 platform is a complete solution using standard Integrator components along with PCI cards for video display and network interface. It enables development engineers to start integrating their own hardware and software IP into an existing fully-supported Linux environment before initial silicon is available, thus saving considerable time and cost, as well as bringing their product to market faster.

LynuxWorks' BlueCat 4.0 is the company's latest Linux distribution, which offers enhanced productivity and performance features. With VisualLynux, developers have access to a fully-integrated and tested cross development environment to rapidly facilitate specific development requirements.

VisualLynux is an extension of Microsoft Visual Studio developed for Windows technology-hosted development with the added benefit of all the commands and standard GNU tools developers need to streamline the design and creation of applications targeted to run on BlueCat Linux.

RealView tools by ARM, provide designers with the best solution for creating and analysing systems based on ARM technology. ARM RealView tools are designed and used by the creators of the ARM architecture. Because the tools are developed by the designers of the architecture, they enable the highest level of pre-silicon evaluation and development and the broadest range of support for future ARM architecture families and derivatives. ARM RealView tools are fully integrated and provide a complete solution to any design or SoC integration challenge.

Published in Embedded Systems (Europe) June 2002

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