LynuxWorks RTOS charges to be based on retail price -

LynuxWorks RTOS charges to be based on retail price


LynuxWorks is changing the way its charges customers for use of its software. For the cost-conscious consumer electronics market, LynuxWorks is now aligning the pricing of its embedded real-time operating system (RTOS), LynxOS, with the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of the end product in which it is embedded. This will allow developers of low-volume products to use the RTOS without paying the traditional costs associated with volume-based royalty pricing.

The company has also created a Developer Pack that provides programmers with free access to LynxOS source code, which should save time and support calls throughout application development and debugging.

LynxOS royalties' scale based on the MSRP of devices priced at $150 and above, and manufacturers get one fixed low cost per product, regardless of the number of processors and LynuxWorks software content in the device. LynuxWorks says that in the past, developers were locked into substantial volume commitments to get a desirable price, or were forced to sacrifice quality and performance with the operating system they chose.

The LynxOS Developer Pack is available for $50,000 and includes five developer seats, five VisualLynux IDE packages, associated priority support, and LynuxWorks' premium developer tool for system tracing, SpyKer.

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