LynuxWorks' Subbarao takes chair at EEMBC hypervisor subcommittee -

LynuxWorks’ Subbarao takes chair at EEMBC hypervisor subcommittee


LONDON — The Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium (EEMBC) is revamping its hypervisor subcommittee with Arun Subbarao, vice president of engineering at LynuxWorks, taking over its chair.

LynuxWorks (San Jose, Calif.) has just joined the subcommittee and also introduced LynxSecure 2.0 separation kernel and embedded hypervisor.

The EEMBC Hypervisor Subcommittee was set up in March 2008 and is working on a new set of benchmarks that will measure the contribution of hypervisors, also known as virtual machine managers, to performance, code size, and energy consumption in a wide range of embedded systems.

A hypervisor is a program that allows multiple operating systems or execution environments to run simultaneously on a single embedded processor. In a multicore environment, a hypervisor can also distribute the operating systems and applications across multiple cores.

The benefits of using a hypervisor as a virtualization platform include better load balancing and lower power consumption, by virtue of migrating processes dynamically to underutilized cores, and greater uptime through background firmware updates and redundant OS imaging.

“Hypervisors are rapidly growing in popularity for use in embedded applications such as mobile devices, telecom equipment, consumer products, and automotive/industrial,” said EEMBC president Markus Levy. “Having the participation of the technical experts of LynuxWorks, especially with their direct knowledge of the interaction of hypervisors and real-time operating systems, will help to ensure a robust and fair hypervisor benchmark suite.”

In addition to LynuxWorks, member companies that have participated in the EEMBC hypervisor subcommittee include AMD, ARM, Cavium Networks, Freescale Semiconductor, Green Hills Software, IBM, Intel, Marvell Semiconductor, MIPS Technologies, Nokia Siemens Networks, Open Kernel Labs, VirtualLogix, and VMware.

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