LynxOS 7.0 security features protect embedded connected devices -

LynxOS 7.0 security features protect embedded connected devices

LynuxWorks, Inc. has announced LynxOS 7.0, the next generation of their real-time operating system (RTOS). The new version enables embedded developers to add security functionality to their connected devices by embedding military-grade security directly into their devices by utilizing features such as access control lists, audit, quotas, local trusted path, account management, trusted menu manager and OpenPAM. LynxOS 7.0 also contains networking support for long haul networks with TCP/IPV4, IPV6, 2G/3G/4G cellular and WiMax communication stacks. It supports the short-haul networks common with M2M applications such as 802.11 WiFi, ZigBee wireless mesh and BlueTooth.

LynxOS 7.0 is a deterministic, hard real-time operating system that provides POSIX conformant APIs in a small footprint embedded kernel. It provides symmetric multi-processing support to fully take advantage of multicore/multi-threaded processors. LynxOS 7.0 includes new tool chains, debuggers and cross development host support. LynxOS 7.0 provides open APIs, including medium-assurance security per the general purpose operating-system protection profile (GPOSPP).

LynxOS 7.0 supports the most popular reference targets in the Intel and PowerPC architectures, including the new Intel 4th Generation Core and the Freescale QorIQ processors. Board Support Packages are available for targets from GE Intelligent Systems, Curtiss Wright, and Extreme Engineering.

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