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M200 OTDR has updated user interface


Fujikura Europe has released the M200 OTDR with a new user Interface (UI) that will reduce training time and simplify use and testing errors.

Version 2.0 improves the UI to provide pass/fail thresholds compliant with TIA/ISO/user-defined values to alert test operators to failing or marginal events at the time of test and an enhanced reporting capability with test results manager (TRM) to include OTDR traces, end face images from new DFS1, and logos of both the installer and end customer.

A job creation editor has detailed job/file naming while improved file management and results review via results manager and general settings improvements including date/time/number format options and an auto off feature.

The TRM PC analysis and reporting software tool that allows users to apply industry standard-based rules to test results and create comprehensive certification reports. The benefits of TRM include improved batch editing of OTDR traces, enhanced analysis and editing capability including trace batch editor of events and pass/fail thresholds, cursors and file names.

The device also features an integrated visual fault locator (VFL) combining Touch and Test functionality in a field-rugged, hand-held package. It features the addition of a toggle function that enables fast and logical storage of trace results from both ends of a fibre/cable. It also has enhanced event measurements with various manual least square approximation methods available in expert mode.

The device also supports visual inspection per IEC 61300-3-35 using the DFS1 Digital FiberScope, allowing users the ability to view and document connector end-face images with OTDR traces.

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