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M2M development kit enables prototypes in hours


Gemalto has launched the Cinterion Concept Board for developers, designed to speed up the creation of innovative solutions in digital signage, automated building applications, and remote monitoring and control of devices.. The new development kit simplifies solution design by allowing M2M developers to transform original ideas into prototypes in just hours compared to days or weeks with traditional approaches.

Leveraging Oracle Java ME Embedded, the Cinterion Concept Board is cloud-ready through Gemalto’s SensorLogic application enablement platform, with secure wireless connectivity enabled by a Cinterion M2M module.

The all-in-one kit marries the ease-of-use of Java embedded solutions with a simple open source interface for Arduino extension boards inspiring the creation of smarter interactive objects and environments.

The Cinterion Concept Board will be available starting October 2013.

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