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M2M platform has world-wide approach

LONDON — Vodafone is launching a global machine to machine (M2M) service platform to help companies deploy and manage large, wireless M2M projects.

The platform will be supported by a team with world-wide responsibility for growing Vodafone's M2M business which has over 100 staff at present.

Vodafone believes more corporate customers will use wireless M2M to enhance customer service in areas including smart metering, connected cars and the remote monitoring of equipment. This is expected to result in significant demand for M2M services on mobile networks across Europe over the coming years.

Globally, operator revenues for wireless M2M were €3 billion (about $4.3 billion) in 2008, forecast to rise to €8.9 billion (about $12.7billion) in 2012, according to the analyst firm Berg Insight.

Vodafone will provide a single point of contact for customers to manage the complex area of M2M connectivity from early concept development to support for national and multinational deployments.

The Vodafone M2M global service platform, with patent-pending functionality, will provide corporate customers with managed connectivity for M2M smart service deployments.' Companies will be able to centrally manage and control the process of rolling out M2M devices across many countries, increasing the speed of implementation and reducing the cost, complexity and risk traditionally associated with deploying such projects.

As well as enabling companies to gather customer data from a range of wireless intelligent devices, the platform will offer a suite of management functionality including the ability to centrally activate, suspend and deactivate devices.

The global M2M team will develop services designed to match specific industry needs alongside flexible commercial models. The team will analyze and provide solutions for emerging M2M market requirements, such as smart metering for utilities and e-call in the automotive industry, an alert system for cars involved in accidents for the automotive industry.'

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