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M2M software development kit for ultra low power Wi-Fi modules

RTX has launched a software development platform for its latest ultra low power Wi-Fi module, enabling application developers to bring M2M applications to market rapidly and cost effectively.

The software development kit comprises a comprehensive Application Programming Interface, a rich set of demonstration applications, and an embedded firmware development suite with download tools. This SDK will be available to end customers, and is specifically designed for the company's RTX4100, a fully self-contained Wi-Fi module recently released by RTX in cooperation with Energy Micro and Qualcomm Atheros.

The RTX4100 Wi-Fi module is a very small form-factor, single stream, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi module with an on-board low power application processor. It is targeted at systems that send infrequent data packets over a network. Typically, these connected devices place a higher priority on minimizing system cost, power consumption, and wake-up time, as opposed to data throughput. The SDK has been designed to support future products in the RTX family of modules covering local, wide and body area wireless network connectivity technologies.

Visit RTX at http://www.rtx.dk .

This article originally appeared on EE Times Europe.

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