MAC7111 development platform helps craft automotive electronics -

MAC7111 development platform helps craft automotive electronics

Stockholm, Sweden— Automotive electronics engineers listen up! Enea AB has rolled out EE-Auto, a development platform for Freescale Semiconductor Inc.'s MAC7111 32-bit flash-bearing RISC microcontroller. The platform combines Enea's OSE Epsilon real-time operating system (RTOS), featuring an optimized TCP/IPv4 stack; flash file system; and development tools. In all, the platform offers the advanced real-time scheduling, memory management, interrupt processing, and I/O and network functions needed to build complex automotive “infotainment” and control systems.

The RTOS is a high-performance, real-time kernel tailored for resource-tight applications. Fitting into as little as 4 kbytes, it nevertheless features integrated error handling, 300-ns context switching, full-pre-emptibility, and 1-&#956s worst-case interrupt latency. Moreover, to meet hard real-time constraints, the RTOS offers both priority-based and deadline scheduling. For network applications, the TCP/IP stack is joined by a Web server, embedded file system, and Internet utilities.

EE-Auto is available for all members of MAC71xx processor family and runs “out of the box” on MAC7111 evaluation boards, which include a OSE Epsilon CD and motor control application example. In addition, the platform works with integrated development environments from GNU, ARM, Green Hills Software, and IAR systems. For added convenience, you can develop and test your code on a PC without the need for target hardware using Enea's OSE Soft Kernel simulator.

Another available tool, OSE Illuminator, provides RTOS-aware analysis and profiling. With it you can monitor, collect, and control application data, as well as view the program as a sequence of events, such as context switches and message passing between processors. In this way, OSE Illuminator helps you to simultaneously debug multiple MAX7111 nodes , graphically showing all processes and data at each node. It also lets you set breakpoints, profile CPU performance, and monitor and fine tune memory use.

EE-Auto is available now for MAC7111 processors and carries a starting price of $8,000 of a single developer's seat.

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