Machine vision software offers streamlined functions -

Machine vision software offers streamlined functions


Parallel processing and execution of different tools is just one of the new features that can be found in MVTec’s Merlic 4 machine vision software, set to release on February 15 th . Merlic allows the creation of machine vision applications without programming. In addition to parallelization, Release 4 brings improved process integration and usability, as well as streamlined functions with regard to obsolete technologies.

Parallelization eases the implementation of multiple-camera setups and allows for more efficient use of the system’s computing power. Different machine vision tasks can now be performed in one single instance. Merlic 4 also offers four new 3-D vision tools for detecting height and surface information. These tools prepare images from 3-D sensors or 3-D cameras so that inspections can be subsequently carried out using Merlic’s existing 2-D tools.

With Hilscher cifX PC cards of any form factor, Merlic is able to communicate using common fieldbus and real-time Ethernet industrial protocols, including Profinet and EtherCAT. Machine visions systems running Merlic 4 integrate seamlessly with a programmable logic controller to enable industrial IoT applications, as well as smooth production flows.

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