Macraigor delivers USB 2.0-based debug for ColdFire cores -

Macraigor delivers USB 2.0-based debug for ColdFire cores

Macraigor Systems' usb2Demon background debug mode (BDM) interface device now supports Freescale Semiconductors' ColdFire family of 32-bit microprocessors.

ColdFire Version 2, 3, and 4 cores are all supported.

Macraigor has also added support for the Freescale ColdFire processor family to their free, pre-built GNU tools and has included sample configurations for most standard Freescale ColdFire evaluation boards.

These examples contain source, gdbinit and make files for each board, allowing developers to quickly build, download and debug via GDB. Macraigor has committed to supporting future ColdFire family variants as they become available. In addition, Macraigor's Flash Programmer is updated to support the ColdFire family, providing BDM-based in-circuit flash programming of both internal ColdFire Flash and externally-connected devices. ColdFire usb2Demon is immediately available starting at $750 USD. Available free on the Macraigor website is a version of OCDRemote, allowing users to use other versions of the GNU toolset with Macraigor's hardware.

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