Macraigor Systems offers GNU remote protocol for high-speed debugging tool -

Macraigor Systems offers GNU remote protocol for high-speed debugging tool


The latest version of mpDemon, a high-speed debugging tool built on Macraigor Systems LLC's proprietary on-chip debug technology, includes the company's applications programming interfaces (APIs) and the standard GNU Debugger (GDB) remote protocol. mpDemon supports multiple CPUs on a single scan chain, allowing the user to debug all devices. mpDemon also includes 10BaseT Ethernet, parallel, and serial interfaces to the host system.

Macraigor Systems LLC is a supplier of BDM/JTAG connection solutions. mpDemon works with the existing APIs from Macraigor Systems and is compatible with industry-leading software debuggers and microprocessor architectures such as AMD, ARM, CPU32 Series, PowerPC, MIPS and XScale. mpDemon supports the Accelerated Technology code|lab development suite, in addition to all versions of GDB.

mpDemon is field upgradeable and offers interchangeable personality modules. The personality modules allow users to migrate to new targets by replacing their JTAG connection cable. Other features of mpDemon include debugging from a remote location and auto-sensing voltage capabilities.

mpDemon is available now at a list price of $1,800. In addition to support from industry-leading debuggers, Macraigor provides a free, downloadable port of the GNU tools suite (GCC, GAS and GDB) and a free copy of OCD Commander, an assembly-level software debugger.

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