Magnachip low power e-Compass sensors enhance mobile device functions -

Magnachip low power e-Compass sensors enhance mobile device functions


The MXG1300 e-Compass sensor product from MagnaChip Semiconductor Corporation is based on MagnaChip’s low-noise 0.18 micron technology. The new sensor is targeted for smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices.

The MXG1300 maintains alignment of the display with the user’s orientation. It offers an attractive design solution featuring an Android OS driver, compass algorithms, and magnetic field scanning support. Field scanning support helps determine an optimum location for the MXG1300 chip placement within a cellphone, since the e-compass operation is subject to magnetic interference from a vibration motor and speakers. MXG1300 provides an industry-competitive wide dynamic range of magnetic field strength and cost-effectiveness. Additional features of the MXG1300 are its low noise mixed signal and analog process technology as well as a 16-bit sigma-delta ADC (analog-digital converter).

The MXG1300 has a low-power mode which reduces operating current by 40% in situations where it is possible to operate the device at a slower, but acceptable, heading speed. This mode creates wider power management flexibility by extending the battery life of mobile devices.

MXG1300 e-Compass is currently being sampled and will go to production in Q3 2013. Evaluation kit is available through MagnaChip sales channels.

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