Making necessary resource tradeoffs -

Making necessary resource tradeoffs


ESD magazine is closing. Here's why it's a good thing for you.

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Much importance is placed today on having a good work/life balance, yet I would think that most engineers are really not sure what that means–if you have the perfect answer please let me know! I only bring this up as this month we have to face the hard reality of another balancing act. With reducing revenue from advertising in regular print publications like ESD , how do we meet the justifiably high expectations of our readers?

Our solution has been to take the challenging step of closing this print magazine and concentrate our efforts and expertise on improving our online presence:

For some time now, the entire editorial content we've printed here has also appeared online. We've also witnessed a shift from the days when interesting debates occurred in these pages to today when the active exchange of views happens almost in real-time online.

With the time and expertise freed up by not putting print-ready pages together, going through numerous iterations, and meeting fixed deadlines, we will greatly improve what we can offer you at

These improvements will be crystallized in the next few months as we prepare to extract from its adopted home of and once again establish it under its own URL and personality.

At present, Audi cars in Europe are using the Danny Kaye classic The Ugly Duckling (which over winter turns into a beautiful swan), as backing track for a video that contrasts a concept car designed in the 1920s by Paul Jaray with Audi's latest creation, the A5. It might be a bit over-egging the analogy that the changes we have planned in our own project “Swan” will be equally dramatic.

In fact, while the look and feel will change significantly for the better, it's the content and the personalization that readers will be able to access that will be most dramatic. Over the next couple of months, we will make available on the existing platform, as downloadable PDFs, all the technical papers that have been printed in Embedded Systems Design (and its previous incarnation Embedded Systems Programming ) since its launch in 1988. We'll also make available as PDFs all the papers that have been presented at the Embedded Systems Conference since it first saw the light of day in 1989.

With the new platform, you'll be able to save interesting articles to your personal library, discuss techniques in our re-established forums, and download code from our upgraded and expanded code library. We're planning other features, but more of that later. I encourage you to make your own suggestions as comments to this column, which is also online.

While looking back provides context, it will be what we provide today and in the future that makes us proud of our motto:–The Official Site of the Embedded Development Community.

Colin Holland is the director of content for Embedded Systems Design magazine,, and the DESIGN West and East (which includes the Embedded Systems Conferences). You may reach him at .

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