Manage and control communication circuits over the Web -

Manage and control communication circuits over the Web


A series of Web-enabled communications switches released by Dataprobe is aimed at redundancy and failover applications. The IP-AB series ensures constant connectivity by toggling to redundant lines or equipment in the event of service failure. These switches support both automatic failure detection and manageability using a Web browser or simple network management protocol (SNMP). The IP-AB switches support various networking and telecommunication interfaces, and provide Layer 1 physical switching to ensure constant connectivity.

Another feature of the IP-AB switches is the auto-ping feature, which lets the unit automatically detect failed equipment and switch to a redundant line. Users program a threshold at which the auto-ping will take effect, based on their criteria. When the programmed fail conditions are met, the switching function is activated. The user can select one of five actions for the switch to execute when the function is activated. Custom actions can also be programmed for the switch to execute under specified conditions.

The IP-AB can switch a wide range of communications interfaces, including 10/100/1G Ethernet, RS-232, RS-530, T-1/E-1, DS-3, and analog telephone. Switches are available in both single-circuit standalone and rack-mount configuration with one or more switches. Prices start at $535. For more information, visit

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