Managing Large-Scale. High Performance Embedded Designs -

Managing Large-Scale. High Performance Embedded Designs

Rapid advances in microprocessor technology have opened a broad spectrum of new opportunities for embedded systems development. The allowable size and sophistication of embedded applications has grown by more than an order of magnitude over the past decade.
Today, it is not uncommon to find embedded systems containing over a megabyte of code and data. While this generally bodes well for the embedded systems industry, it can pose management problems during the development cycle.
Management methods that work well for small- or medium-scale projects are not necessarily suitable for large-scale projects. Managers transitioning from small to large projects are therefore susceptible to making mistakes in a number of areas. This paper identifies some of
these mistakes and discusses techniques for avoiding them. Also discussed are the following
o The relationship between product Complexity and product development
o Identifying a project's “domain” (its scale and scope)
o The technologies that are pushing domains from small-scale to large-scale
o Project overhead
o Techniques for managing large-scale projects
o Project entropy
o Risk management

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