Manhattan Skyline: flat, light and compact Blanview displays

Blanview is Ortustech’s unique display technology offering unparalleled sunlight readability with low power. It is the optimal display technology for products / applications used outdoors and powered by batteries. Thanks to VA technology the displays offer high contrast values, a natural, brilliant colour reproduction and an 80 degree viewing angle from all sides. The backlight is specified with a service life of 100K hours and saves around 30% power compared to conventional TFTs.

Flat, light and compact design makes an ideal solution for portable, mobile and battery-operated applications. Additionally, the LVDS interface enables simple integration with quick transfer rates. Available sizes are 2.2”, 2.7”, 3.5” , 4”, 4.3” , 4.8”, 5” , 5.7” & 7”.

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