Manufacturing advice bears fruit -

Manufacturing advice bears fruit


LONDON — The DTI's Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) says it has added �£69million of value to the firms who have come to it for help over the past year.

The latest MAS annual report reveals that the budget for the service has been �£41million for the four years it has been running and almost 15,000 firms have had detailed diagnostic advice, and 4,700 firms have been given in-depth help. Value-added in the same period is calculated at �£224million.

MAS provides independent advice from manufacturing experts and the service is subsidized with smaller firms getting much of the help is free.

The report shows that at the firms helped by MAS productivity has risen by more than a quarter; use of space and equipment has been improved by a third and waste in the production process has been cut by 28 per cent while orders delivered on time have risen by the same amount.

MAS is a partnership between the DTI and the nine Regional Development Agencies and Welsh Assembly.

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