Marvell's WLAN-plus -Bluetooth IC saves space, power -

Marvell’s WLAN-plus -Bluetooth IC saves space, power


Marvell's 88W8688 platform delivers a fully integrated Bluetooth 2.0 EDR baseband/RF and the company's 802.11a/b/g WLAN technology for consumer electronic devices.

The 88W8688 subsystem is up to 50% smaller than discrete implementations. Its multi-protocol security engine includes hardware acceleration for UMA, IMS, and other network access methods requiring extensible end-to-end security.

Fabricated in 90-nm CMOS technology, the 88W8688 implements extensive host offload capability and advanced co-existence and power save modes—with a footprint of less than 80 mm3 .

It is a suitable single-chip solution for cellular handsets, battery-powered media players, portable gaming consoles, smartphones, PDAs and ultra-low-power computing platforms.

The 88W8688 incorporates full Layer 3 networking support (TCP/IP + UDP) and adds the ability to run supplicants natively, offloading WLAN functionality from the host CPU. It also integrates voice and audio codecs for a wide variety of media applications and platforms.

The 88W8688 supports all Bluetooth profiles with an industry standard HCI interface. The device runs Bluetooth profiles natively, offloading the host CPU. It can be connected to a host processor using either a unified host interface or independent host interfaces for WLAN and Bluetooth connections.

The 88W8688 is currently being sampled to key, tier one OEM partners. Marvell is providing development kits with complete hardware reference designs, development boards and a complete suite of software.

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