Masterclass attracts embedded engineers -

Masterclass attracts embedded engineers

London, UK — Over 50 engineers registered for the fourth Embedded Masterclass which took place at Roke Manor in Hampshire with presentations and demonstrations of embedded technology from Enea Embedded Technology, Analog Devices, Roke Manor, Sarsen and Lauterbach.

The focus of this particular Embedded Masterclass was on high end DSP technology such as the Tigersharc from Analog Devices and the OSEck realtime OS for DSP's from Enea. Engineers from Roke Manor gave an insight into the development strategy of telecom basestation equipment and Sarsen discussed COTS solutions for high end dsp design as well as a discussion on networking technology such as Rocket and RapidIO. Lauterbach gave a demonstration of embedded debugging tools.

The next Embedded Masterclass will be focused on the new PowerQuiccIII and the tools and software available to help engineers exploit the power of this device from Motorola. Registration is free and more information can be found on the Embedded Masterclass website

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