MatLab, Simulink linked to Tasking compiler toolchain -

MatLab, Simulink linked to Tasking compiler toolchain


In the absence of an industry-standard way of linking the various high level modeling and graphical tool environments used in automotive and other embedded systems, The MathWorks is doing its best to fill in the gaps, this time with Link for TASKING.

According to Tom Erkkinen, embedded applications manager at The MathWorks, Link for TASKING builds, validates, and verifies automatically generated code using MATLAB and Simulink with TASKING, Altium's compiler toolchain for embedded software development.

Tightly integrated with MathWorks products for Model-Based Design, Link for TASKING enables engineers to generate algorithm code, libraries, makefiles, and test harnesses from a Simulink model and automatically load them into the TASKING Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for execution and analysis.

“This improved workflow minimizes the need for hand coding, which in turn decreases errors and shortens the time typically needed for on-target rapid prototyping and production code deployment,” he said, “two factors that are critical to successful delivery of sophisticated electronic products in the automotive industry.”

Link for TASKING provides processor-in-the-loop (PIL) testing features that enable embedded object code to be cosimulated with Simulink. Once the code is loaded into the TASKING IDE or deployed to embedded hardware, it can be tested with the same executable specification used for code generation.

This capability, said Erkkinen, automates code verification and validation without requiring users to switch between tools. Unlike other PIL solutions that only support testing for one type of microprocessor, Link for TASKING enables PIL testing for many popular microprocessors supported by TASKING, including Infineon TriCore.

Link for TASKING is available immediately and compatible with a wide range of microprocessors supported by TASKING, including Infineon, STMicroelectronics, Renesas, ARM, and Freescale platforms. Pricing starts at $2,000.

The MathWorks, Inc.
Natick, Mass.

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