Maxim debuts Smart-Meter SoC at Electronica -

Maxim debuts Smart-Meter SoC at Electronica

At Electronica in Ansterdam in November, Maxim Integrated Products will introduce its smart meter SoC designed to combine highly accurate metrology, multiple layers of security, and a dual MCU core capable of supporting most advanced communication protocols.

A built-in cryptographic module secures communication, a secure bootloader prevents unauthorized firmware modification and tamper detection assures providers that any attempts to physically attack the meter will be detected, recorded, and reported.

It features a superior metering accuracy with multiple ADC channels each of which run at 10ksps, offering 0.1% accuracy over a 5,000:1 dynamic range.

It incorporates two internal microcontrollers: a 120MHz ARM Cortex M3 application processor and a 40MHz, 32-bit MAXQ30 microcontroller with DSP support for the metering function. The multicore architecture supports WELMEC separation of legally relevant and irrelevant functions to ease validation.

According to Kris Ardis, business director for smart grid products at Maxim Integrated, the Zeus platform includes the MAX71616, MAX71617, MAX71636, and MAX71637.

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