Maximum Power Solar Converter -

Maximum Power Solar Converter

This source code supports Microchip?s Application Note AN1211.As the need for remote operation of electronic devices continues to increase, power for these devices becomes more of a concern. Remote applications are powered mostly by batteries that are either recharged or changed on a regular basis. The more remote the location is, the bigger the challenge becomes of replacing these batteries. Since the development of the modern photovoltaic cell in 1954, remotely powered applications that do not have to be serviced became possible.The focus of this application note is to identify how to get the maximum power out of a solar panel to power a remote application. The Maximum Power Point Converter is essentially a DC-to-DC converter, where the DC input voltage is a solar panel and the output voltage is 28 volts. The intent of the converter is to show how to take the solar panel and generate a voltage capable of recharging a 24-V battery. Although the chemistry of the battery and how to charge the battery properly are extremely important to the actual design, these details will not be covered in this application note. Also associated with this application note is a zip file with source code and Excel spreadsheet.

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