Mazet intros development platform for MPC5200 -

Mazet intros development platform for MPC5200


LONDON — The IceBrain 5200 development platform has been developed by Mazet (Jena, Germany) to provide a compact communication centre for use with the Freescale MPC5200 integrated communication processor.

The aspect ratio of the board corresponds with the E2Brain standard developed by Kontron. When connected with Kontron's EBC1 baseboard, the IceBrain forms an embedded platform which provides a variety of interfaces for direct connections to the required peripheral devices.

In addition to providing interfaces standard to every PC, such as PCI, IDE, USB and 10/100 Mbit Ethernet, it also accommodates industrial standards such as CAN, I2C or SPI. The uBoot bootloader enables embedded Linux to be used on this platform.

Mazet is also using the platform to develop customer-specific embedded computing platforms. One example is a mobile platform which contains the Coral PA 3D graphics processor from Fujitsu in addition to the MPC5200. With a total power consumption of less than 2W and a temperature range of -40 to +85 C, this platform is suitable for use in battery-powered devices.

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