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mbed.org releases Version 2 of IDE with open source SDK

mbed.org has just released what it considers is the next milestone of its ARM processor specific open source integrated development environment project.

It debuts with a new SDK released under a permissive open source license, and a new HDK for creating low-cost development boards.

Version 2.0 of the mbed SDK has been extended and released free under a permissive open source license, and is designed to provide a C/C++ platform with enough hardware abstraction to be intuitive and concise yet powerful enough to build complex projects fast.

Based on the ARM CMSIS low-level APIs it allows developers to go right down to the hardware when needed. It is portable across multiple popular toolchains.

In addition to free open source middleware such as RTOS, USB and Networking libraries, the SDK has been built upon by the mbed developer community to create a cookbook of reusable driver libraries for connecting to peripherals and modules.

The new mbed HDK delivers microcontroller sub-system reference designs that can be used as the basis for new hardware boards and products. It provides simple and consistent building blocks that benefit from the support of the mbed SDK and free online tools.

The HDK specifies all major support components including an on-board USB interface that enables simple drag-n-drop programming and connection to the microcontroller via the USB CMSIS-DAP debug interface standard.

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