McObject adds ODBC API support to eXtremeDB -

McObject adds ODBC API support to eXtremeDB


McObject has added support for the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)application programming interface (API) to its eXtremeDB in-memory embedded database system.

According to McObject President and CEO Steve Graves, the new feature greatly expands eXtremeDB's ability to share data with systems ranging from mainframes to servers to desktop applications, and enables developers to create new eXtremeDB-based embedded applications using an open and familiar database API.

eXtremeDB's new ODBC support is included in eXtremeSQL 3.1, the new version of McObject's SQL embedded database interface, on all platforms, including Linux, UNIX, real-time operating systems and Microsoft Windows.

The ODBC driver is also available separately to provide Windows 32-bit applications with ODBC access to eXtremeDB databases residing on both Windows and non-Windows operating systems.

The ODBC interface works with all eXtremeDB editions (Standard, HighAvailability, Transaction Logging, and 64-bit) and with eXtremeDB Fusion, McObject's hybrid on-disk/in-memory embedded database.

Based on the Call Level Interface specified by the SQL Access Group, ODBC is a library of functions that lets any ODBC-enabled application connect to any database for which an ODBC driver exists, and retrieve/ insert/update/delete data using SQL statements.

Support for this API first became common in Microsoft Windows systems. However, an ODBC driver manager and ODBC drivers now also exist on UNIX, Linux and many other platforms.

While applications gain access to most ODBC-compliant databases via driver and driver manager software layers, eXtremeDB also exposes the ODBC application programming interface as direct library calls.

This streamlined approach, said Graves, eliminates the driver manager and associated program execution steps, leading to faster performance and smaller code size.

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