MCU for automotive apps integrates power supply functions on single chip -

MCU for automotive apps integrates power supply functions on single chip

The MB91F552 from Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited is a new 32-bit microcontroller for automotive applications. The new MCU is designed to be optimal for use in power supply system for batteries as well as power transmission circuitry in hybrid electric vehicles (HEV). The new product will be made available in sample quantities beginning May 31, 2013.

In addition to incorporating optimal functions for control of a digital power supply system, such as a 200MHz PWM module, onto a single microcontroller chip, MB91F552 also supports peak current mode control and substantially contributes to power supply stability and lower system costs.

In addition to CAN, multi-function serial, and other network control functions, MB91F552 incorporates optimal functions for digital power supply control such as a 200MHz digital PWM module on a single microcontroller chip. The new chip performs digital power supply control such as the digitalization of output voltage and other analog signal feedback, as well as computation-based PWM waveform generation. Modifications to the MB91F552 can be made via software. The new microcontroller is able to change operating frequencies and PWM waveform output timing depending on the application, thereby helping to reduce development lead times for power supply systems, optimize system costs, and contribute to system standardization.

In addition to digital power supply control, MB91F552 can also handle peak current mode control through current feedback, thereby enabling more stable power supply control. By incorporating a slope compensation circuit, which has traditionally been included as an external component, within the microcontroller, MB91F552 is able to ensure a stable power supply while also decreasing required part counts, which greatly reduces system costs.

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